Monday, July 21, 2008

ONE---TWO---THREE---FOUR, What am I Here for?

     Sometimes I scare myself, leaping in not knowing how deep the water is, or how hot or cold it might be.  Still here I am yet again starting a post and I'm not yet quite sure just what its meant to be about.  I have read two approaches to posting.  One write the post and then when you satisfied with it, give it a title ----the other is write a title and then write a post to fit it---MY problem is I start these things with one foot in each camp and even I am neer quite sure how its gonna turn out---but in my own masochistic way, kinda find it pleasurable.  In this case I believe, leastwise at this point of it all, I am writing to fit the title of this post.  The answer in so many words is---is to create a post.
     NOW some would say a post of this nature is pretty boring, not what they would consider a "quality" posting.  One runs a risk when posting frequently to one's blog of boring ones readers---I worried about that for acouple three weeks, but then decided, I don't have that many readers,and besides nobody is holding a gun to their heads to force them to read it.  How do I know this?---hey yesterday I posted two postings in regards to a family party I attended on Saturday (the day before) as of five minutes ago----exactly two family members had bothered to comment---and that was to the first posting, they didn't bother to comment on the second one----at all.
     Now that might discourage an old dude like moi----but hey, its a big world out there---so I will continue to throw stones into the pond and some day the ripples I am causing will get me responses from the otherside of the big pond, and I will just have to RIBBIT, RIBBIT louder.----RIBBIT-----RIBBIT----RIBBIT


  1. I recently noticed that my reader at Google isn't getting your updates, and when I check back in on the site, I find that I'm 5-6 posts behind already!

    I'm going to reset the url for your feed...perhaps that will correct things.

  2. I am listening. Just don't have much to say sometimes.


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