Friday, July 18, 2008

The Game Goes on---only the names are changed to protect the innocent

I hear kids today complaint, how they are so mal-treated, how cheated they are from when "WE" older persons lived---LOL---they just don't realize what inflation does---trust me boys and girls its the same game---we just played it at YOUR age with different numbers.---our numbers looked more like this (picture me in my black leather jacket with all the zippers like the Fonz---those WERE happy days.---.

---what depresses me is---I actually REMEMBER THIS era---(sigh)


  1. Would it be nice if those prices were still in effect.

  2. Yeah Judi but you have to remember that was back when people were only making $1.25 an hour. If you were a kid and you had a quarter you were rich. That was back when a candy bar was 5 cents. So I guess it's all relative.

  3. When those prices were in effect I was making .50 an hour babysitting. Now my granddaughter makes $5.00 an hour babysitting!
    But I do remember those prices and sitting at the counter in Woolworth's in downtown Seattle in my grey poodle skirt, saddle shoes and bobby sox, eating a banana split and watching people go by the window. AHHHHHHHHH the good ole days! (except for the saddle shoes...I HATED those damn things!!!)


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