Friday, July 25, 2008


Is a hectic world we all live in these days. To many its a dawn to dark flat out rat race, leaving them no time to relax and smell the roses (hmm, who originated that expression anyway?). To many people get lost in trying to be or at least appear to be a person they aren't----the weight of the stress of maintaining that artificial persona can get very heavy.
Its not unusual that a person has a "on the job" persona, "a meet the neighbors persona", meet the in-laws Persona, and even different variations of persona's with our close friends. The problem is------there is a little bit of the real self in all the different persona's we put on---but at some point, you have to ask yourself----is it worth it, ?----wouldn't it be great to just be yourself all the time, and "damn the torpedoes---full speed ahead"---?? I suspect like most people your more or less agreeing with this concept and nodding your head---but in real life, its followed by , yeah, yeahh----NO WAIT!!!!!??. I fully understand that-----I don't have suicide tendencies either---was kinda just saying out loud----wouldn't it be great if we could?
So what has any of the above got to do with the Title of this post----"SWEEP OR SWOOP"? to be honest, not exactly sure, but---what I wanted to kinda find out, ask about is---you blog, and you read others blog----The question is, that is to say MY question is---when reading others blogs--do you just read the most recent post, and nothing prior, or do you really settle into their blog and read a number of their postings?? In short do you SWEEP DOWN suck up the most recent posting and move on to another blog---or do you SWOOP DOWN and savor a bunch of their postings at one time----you a SWEEPER or a SWOOPER??


  1. I'm a SWOOPER and proud of it. lol
    Actually, I like to go into the archives and "snoop". I also read the complete profiles of the blogs I visit. (new ones) I especially like to know where people are from.

  2. I am a swooper!! I read all the blogs that I might have missed. If you don't read them all you might miss something good. I have never been much for caring what others think. I have tried to be myself from a very young age. If you don't think me than that is your loss.


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