Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Dream Cruise

I have had this "thing" for lack of a better word, ---my dream vacation---it would be a Cruise of Alaska's inland water passage. This is the cruise where you leisurely sail up the Alaska coast, sucking in all the fantastic scenery, and get to see the big glaciers and REAL Icebergs---not to mention six meals a day, ---like Hello, Cruising is the ONLY way to travel. Its just like Tallulah said in the movie, "Lifeboat", " and what time does this place arrive?".
Actually when you add it all up cost wise-----cruising is quite competitive with flying to ones destination and staying in hotels there, buying dinners etc. On a cruise one boards the ship, unpacks and begins to immediately enjoy 0ne's vacationing time. The fun of exploring the ship, finding the neat little bars, and dining areas, the pool, gym, library, movie theatre, casino, etc.
Its amazing to how fast one adapts to getting up early, hitting the deck for that breakfast buffet, on the port lido deck, maybe a couple Bloody Mary's, -------maybe getting in a hour of sun tanning, not to mention some enjoyable body watching ---then one has to meet friends (for you surely have met others by now) for drinks and the mid-morning snack break.----next thing ya know your all out having fun poolside, then its lunch time-----maybe a nap on a deck chair, watching the world go bye---afternoon snack, a couple more drinks (life is good)---back to the room to change for dinner, after dinner maybe a movie, then hit the dance club, some late snacks and midnight drinks---another hard day of vacationing done-----oooh yeahh , Cruising is MY style of Travel.


  1. I would have agreed with you on this if it was 25 or 30 years ago. Not to belittle the cruise lines but too much has changed in that timeframe. Ships now hold 2000 to 3000 people crammed into closet sized rooms. You are always hearing about the ships systems breaking down and don't forget Norwalk virus a very common thing these days. But then with fuel prices going through the roof maybe there will be less people traveling and it will get back to the way it was. Too expensive for the average Joe but well worth it if you saved for it.
    Oops I forgot Gary nobody saves anymore..sorry.

  2. I know what your sayhing there Demeur---its why I have on interest in going to places like Hawaii (its now like visiting Disneyland, it fact its referred to as Disneyland West. My liking of cruising has more to do with the leisurely pace of travel, laying in a deck chair, sipping a cold drink and watching the world go bye---

  3. I love to Cruise! I've been on two, one 7 day and one 5 day. You're right's the ONLY way to go. Once you're on the ship and unpacked it's fun, fun, fun and eat, eat, eat. You forgot one thing....FREE ROOM SERVICE!
    If I had my way (and the $$$) I would retire on a Cruise ship and sail the seas till I die. What a way to go...

  4. Keep in mind the passenger to space ratios when considering a larger ship. I worried that it would be very crowded on the Voyager of the Seas because of the passenger capacity.That was not the case. It never felt crowded on the ship, which is important to me because I don't like crowds.

    Do you know that there are some good deals on Alaska cruises this summer? Some even have reasonable airfare packages.

    Alaska is definitely a dream vacation.

    Cruise Bug


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