Tuesday, July 22, 2008

IT's Tuesday---Shopping For LP's groceries

Its approaching noon here at the Palace on Matililja---and I will soon roll down the old drawbridge and venture out in search of vittles that LP has set out as my goal for the day. He even held a short meeting with me to discuss the list and verify that I was clear on exactly what he wanted----(picture me sitting there my head bobbing up and down and me muttering yeah, yeah, a lot---)


(complete the list or come home on your shield)

  1. Chicken broth
  2. AAA Batteries (the VCR remote died last night---almost panicked til we remembered out to work the machine manually.)
  3. 1 pt. egg salad (from the deli section of the store, not the pre packaged stuff from the cooler)
  4. 3 cans of Cream of Tomato Soup (any brand except Campbell's or Wolfgang Puck)
  5. Fresh Fish (will hopefully get filipia (sp?)---maybe white fish----must come from the butcher, none of the prepackaged stuff)
  6. 1 Can of Hormel chili (no beans)
  7. 1 Package of frozen Tater Tots (original, not onion flavored-preferably Oreda brand)
  8. 1lb Hamburger (with the highest fat percent ----I know, I know----don't ask!)
  9. 1 Pint Potato Salad (from the Deli Section of the Store, none of the pre-packaged stuff)
  10. 1 box of frozen mini-pancakes (Krusteze or forgetaboutit)
  11. 1 Pkg precook bacon slices
  12. 1 Lemon (would you believe here in Southern California Ralph's sells Lemons at $1.00/ea?)

To the above I have added Zatarain's New Orleans style rice, more hamburger and smoked sausage and pre-cooked shrimp, gonna take a shot at Missy's Jumbaylaya recipe. I may treat myself to one of them fancy Lah-te-da whipped coffees to sip on, while cruising the isles filling my list.--------laters you all.


  1. What are you making for dinner?? Looks like a good list to me.

  2. It's the LP's night, and I have been informed that it will be Cream of Tomato Soup, with a side of Egg Salad, and lots of crackers.

  3. Looks like a great shopping list to me.

    Just a note of advice on adding the shrimp to the Jambalaya. I used the pre-cooked kind too ... add it the last five minutes of cooking. If you add it before it will be waaay over cooked. Just a little culinary advice ... LOL.

  4. Are you aware that Zatarains has changed the size of their box of New Orleans style rice? Thankfully we bought a bunch of the larger boxes before they were gone. That is so great with sausage. Of course we are not supposed to eat it at all.


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