Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If There Is A Will------

Our good buddy Wayne John, last week posted his on going series of lessons on how to make good use of the New Blogger. Com blogging platform. Specifically he made note of how in the blogger's personal profile section, one could input audio clips. Putting Audio on my page sounded kinda challenging to me and , like a dog with a new bone, spent a goodly number of hours searching the net looking for not just free music, but music I thought reflected my personality well (yeahhh we ALL have this image of ourselves we HOPE those looking at us see---and almost always we are wrong, but I digress)
I finally came to the conclusion that I have a very complex personality and as such there is no one genre of music that truly represents me, no not even the German Octoberfest beer hall songs cover it----but I finally found a small free sample of music which would could be used to complete the challenge and allow me to post some audio onto my blog profile.----and I ran into a wall.
Having invested some number of hours finding and sifting through midi music---I now found I didn't know how to download it to my computer-----well I approached this dilemma with my standard under my breath muttering------(there has got to be a way, there has got to be a way-----), and the old dude started clicking buttons on the music sites, buttons on the computer here and sure enough a couple hours later----I had discovered how to download a midi music file to my computer-----should now be easy to upload it to my blog profile page right?----wrong again!!
Editing my profile I dutifully follow Wayne's clear, concise instructions and sure enough I find myself looking at the empty audio clip file box----waiting for it to be filled with the URL address of the music I wish to put in.------I need to find the URL of the music I wish to put in. I go into my computer, and open the downloaded file of music, but---well damn I get no URL address to copy and use to paste in my blog profile box.-----very frustrating, I have the music file, can even play it, but no URL. Much frustration, I go back to my original source of the music, and I come up with an URL, I copy it direct from the site----bring up my blog profile, and paste it in the box---then preview my profile page and -----find that all I have done is put in a link to a website that then requires YOU to download the file and click on play to hear it-----this is not right. I delete all the stuff from my profile audio clip area----open a beer and contacted Wayne requesting assistance in figuring out where I was screwing up. Something I should have done hours earlier.
To make a long story shorter---suffice it to say, like Pictures, Audio Clips have to be stored on a server , and once there, THEN one can obtain a URL------I'm to cheap to put out a monthly fee for this service---but for a short time I am pleased to report I do have music in my profile Audio clip-----for those that wish to hear it, you have but to click on my complete profile link on the right ---scroll down to the Audio Clip and click on it------. The good thing about all of the above is the old dude here NOW knows how to search the net for music and how to download it to his files-----but I'm to cheap to host it on servers and share my taste in music with the rest of the world. I will be deleting my audio clip from my profile in a few days-------.


  1. I am glad you finally figured that one out.

  2. You can report to Zach I am now able to download music from the web----he doesn't have to feel so sorry for me now.

  3. You know, uh, well no you don't know, but yesterday I had one of my patented lengthy (some would say long winded, but I am usually kinder in evaluating myself), uh where was I, oh yeah. I had written what I thought was a wonderfully witty comment here. Full of good advice but with a smile. When I punched the "Post Comment" button, a screen I was not used to popped up - "BLOGGER IS UNAVAILABLE NOW - - - Try again later."

    "Okay cool", I thought. "No big deal. I'll just hit the back button and.... Oh no, it's gone!"

    And just like that, five minutes of my life floated off into the Internet ether. I tried the refresh button. No good. I fumed and fretted for a moment and then fell in the corner with my thumb in my mouth. Where’s my bankie?

    So my comment from yesterday - it's time is past. But I would say this about that (Thank you Tom Hanks). Your blogging platform has no safety valve. No "Preview" button, which I always use so I can clean up typos and bad spelling. Either get it right the first time or forget it. And that's fine. But why does your blogging template not have preview?

    And now I do not trust the Internet again. It has turned me back into a paranoia schizoid loser who is once again having self esteem problems. I just wanted to thank you for the setback and the waste of all those dollars and hours spent spilling my guts out about Mom and how I ....Well, anyway, thanks a lot Old Dude.

  4. We live in the country and cannot have highspeed internet. (Well, we could for a small fortune!) This means we cannot use all the wonderful aspects of blogger or other internet beauty that moves along better with highspeed. I could add all kinds of things if only.................


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