Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Apple---Windows??----Windows, Apple??

The question is-----how does one capture, download pics, and then upload and post into one's blog. What started this was my exclaiming with some AWE (for I was impressed) Demeur's ability to capture Wayne's Gravatar pic and Post it on her blog post? (Pheeeenomenal!!)
Demeur, bless her heart posted the steps she took to do the above, hoping this would answer my question---alas and alack, she uses the Apple system, where I am on Windows Vista.---no sooner had I read her post but I was also able to read a comment input to her post from all blogger's good friend, Wayne---who volunteered how to do it using windows----life is good , so I set off on the task of capturing Wayne's gravatar Pic with the idea to post it in MY blog post as Demeur had done, and thereby show the world that this old blogger was "with-it!!"-----yeahhh that WAS the game plan.
Okay, so I whip back to and earlier post , on which Wayne had made a comment and left this gravatar pic. I expertly right click on it, and then click "Save as---" up pops the window asking me what file do I want to save it to , I select a File I call Gary's stuff (not to be confused with the LP's stuff), click save, and I then of course double check to make sure I have indeed captured and saved the gravatar in question to the selected file, sure enough its there, and ---WHAM,----PROBLEM, my computer is unable to open the pic in question----where am I going wrong----is it the people I am hanging with?-----(sigh) You can not imagine how humiliating this is for this old dude to confess he is flummoxed with the simple task of downloading pics to his computer for use in on line postings------do I need a new computer or what? (definitely going for another beer here---will be my third since noon---we are still cool here---frustrated as hell, but otherwise cool------it does occur to me that perhaps, Demeur and Wayne are working in tandem, giving the old dude a dust up, getting revenge for the Meme-----?? good one guys, you really had me going there----but seriously----whats the secret?


  1. That Wayne is a smart guy!! What format did you save it in? That has been an issue for me in the past.

  2. Ah Gary. If you didn't notice from the mustache in my photo I'm a guy.

    As for your problem better call on Wayne again about that. As I've said I don't do Windoz.

  3. Maybe it's the wrong image type? I use PhotoImpact (it came with my printer) to change image types. Say for instance if I right click on something and it's a bitmap (.bmp) or art (.art) file, I use PhotoImpact to change the file type to a jpeg (.jpg) so it will show up online. Does that make sense? Surely you have a program on your compter you can do this with.

  4. Just can't sit still can you? Have to constantly be fiddling with the blog. I will say, it has come a long way in a short time. But jeez, you are like the kid who has had too much sugar and is bouncing off the walls. Buzzing around the slow movers like me so fast, I just want to reach out and give ya a smack.

    Keep at it Gary. You will figure all this out. But maybe not. Seems there is always something new on the horizon.

  5. No no no.... :)

    There are several things you can 'save' when you right click on a web page. If you're mouse happens to be on an image, there will be an additional one saying 'Save Image as...' or 'Save Picture As...'.

    What you tried, by the way it sounds, is try to save the entire page itself. Not what you wanted to do, hence your confusion.

    Try it again, but this time, take some time to look at each and every menu item that comes up. You should see one that says 'save picture/image', or something like that.

    Keep trying!

    "Demeur, bless her heart"....her?

  6. What it the type you're saving it as a jpg or a gif? Can you email me the image you saved?


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