Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Photo/Text/experiment 1002

Okay what we have here are Three (count em) bloggers, Judi, toeh old dude himself, and Alexis (who owns the rottendoglayla, and hangs with some guy named Phil). Now the idea of this particulr posting, and it IS an experiment, is to post a pic which as you can see I have done, and I am now composing text, to see if I can wrap text down the right side of the pic and clear across the bottom of the pic in the same post, ----to achieve the appearance of a newspaper layout. IS this important to the betterment of world peace you ask?----Not sure but it would definitely make this old dudes mind function with a mite more calm and so it would appear at least here on the compose page I have succeeded int achieving the goal of the experiment. This is good as I now want to move on to phase two----and put TWO pics into a post, one on the upper corner, and the second further down on the other side, with text all wrapped around em. but First lets publish this and see what the world gets to look at----.


  1. Well just forget my comment on the previous post. Seems you have it all under control.

  2. Who is the good looking fellow in the middle again? :)


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