Monday, July 21, 2008

The Sun Slowly Sinks In The West---LIFE IS GOOD

The sun slowly sinks below the horizon, and the sky grows dark----two questions compete in your mind---"Where are my shoes?"----and "What am I gonna do tomorrow?", not necessarily in that order---think about it?
I'm doing it yet again---creating a title, then letting my mind go with it and making out a post. LOL, you gotta be reading this and wondering---"Do I feel lucky??---or is this gonna be an awww shoot moment (feel free to substitute the four letter word the author had in mind).
If ya stop and think a bit---how many of our days are hanging on just that---did we wake up in a bad mood, or conversely did something happen and everyone is in "happyville", and you find yourself pawing your desk looking for the memo?
Do you find yourself hearing glib spontaneous remarks like , "Is SHE the Bee's Knees or what?"---and "Brother!!? can ya spare a dime?"-----relax, stay calm---you have been sucked into a time warp and are now back in the late 1930's.
You laugh, but hey, lets do some comparisons,---banks were closing, unemployment was prevalent----gangs were dominating most of the larger Cities.----and everyone "Knew" we were being buried in immigrants---they didn't even speak our language. Somebody named Hitler was making noise in Germany, but hey not to get worried, after all wasn't the Prime Minister of England---Chamberlain exclaiming, "Peace In Our Time"-----
Okay maybe my dates are a bit off, but , I wrote the above to illustrate, that somethings never really change, ---in England , as well as Germany, the USA, France, the mix of Government ministers and secretaries change---Presidents come and go, (all Countries have figureheads at any given time---its the mass political bureaucracy structure that REALLY makes a given country function. Not the figure head called a president, not even a single political party---its the entrenched bureaucracy that rules.---Example, a new member of say the senate gets elected ---he comes to Washington to represent that state. Any bets on who is staff is, or who "assists" in getting him "plugged in"---yes, existing bureaucracy-----.
In addition to the above, everything gets overlaid with seniority, what committees is a new green-horn allowed to join---and I don't even wanna get into the "traditional " who kisses whose ass on who is senior, or junior, or more senior or less junior on all the 8million committees the two houses of our congress have. (you wanna wonder how many civilians are employed, just to take notes and publish all the meeting minutes to the elected congressmen voted and seated on the official "committees"---how many of you are still naive enough to believe your elected congress person representing YOUR congressional district, actually READS all the bills he votes on----and doesn't know he votes whatever he is told by his "Handlers" (hey bob if ya wanna get re-elected, THIS is the way to vote------)
Meanwhile back on the Main Level, ---whose candidate is gonna get elected THIS time around?----hmm, what can "WE" Sell this time around?-------Why is it somebody gets elected, and very , very few ever want to leave and NOT get re-elected?---the poor pay, the constant travel, having to maintain two homes, one n Washington, DC.-------I think there is a lot to be said for Term Limits----we are always in search of NEW bums.
----So, as our forefathers so intelligently sent up---we find ourselves in a Presidential election year-----and we NEED NEW BUMS----let the games begin----but wait, lets enjoy the Olympics first.

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  1. There is nothing new under the Sun - my mom used to say that all the time. My take is SSDD.


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