Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another PUFF Piece

I didn't care to end my blogging today with a rant---wanted to close it with something on a more positive note. For me its thanking Wayne for putting me onto midi downloads to attach to my about me section of this blog page---no, no don't panic people, have yet to do that. Yes I AM going to---but a guy can't jut slap just any old piece of music on his profile, at least not THIS guy.

Gonna have to do a lot of sifting and listening before I fine something that "stands up and identifies with what I IDENTIFY with----what moves me, what hopefully conveys the inner me to my readers---which of course now gets me to wondering just what IS there IMAGE of me, no, no, not taking about the dumb avatar thing---shoot that IS me---am talking bout the inner me, oooh man this has gotten to deep---.

My problem ---as now that I get into this music selection choosing action is---which old dude am I---??---have so many great moments which music played a part, or reminds me of the moment---no way in hell am I gonna post the night I first heard "Willie Nelson"-------ohhh man the nights I listened to "Your Hit Parade" first on radio, then later for a while on Television, counting down the hits to number one.

So now what piece of music do I want to use as my , for lack of a better description, THEME SONG????------Am I a man of mystery, am I maybe that sexy devil across the room you saw but never spoke to-----or just what----so many roles I could play here----do I wanna be happy go lucky, deep and sincere, wild and adventurous-----decisions, decisions, decisions---!!?

Its all YOUR FAULT Wayne---you open the door for us bloggers advising us about midi files and audio clips. (For those that are new---I make reference to Wayne's blogger lesson No. 3)-----(do you SLEEP good at night?) -----well sleep good  tattoed Prince-------


  1. Don't worry you will figure it out!!

  2. MUSIC Sometimes slows your page load time.
    Just thought I'd let ya know, that's why i took mine off.

  3. Well have spent a number of hours trying to find somethng I personally want to put in the audio clip section-----but have now learned I have no idea how to download music to my computer, let alone how to up load it to my blogger profile---but you point is quite valid, and I will have to keep that in mind should I persue this music thingy Wayne has broght up----WOULD like to know how, if nothing else.-----live and learn


  4. Wendy, the audio clip doesn't auto-start like they would on those hateful MySpace pages. This one is found on the 'About' page, and the user needs to click it to start it. Non-invasive and user-actuated...much better that way.

    Gary, you might also think about a spoken bit too. You could use that audio url to point to a .wav file that you created from your recorded voice.

    I treat my music very personal to me too, so trying to find that right piece of music is challenging sometimes. Can't wait to hear what you come up with!

    The tattooed prince of

  5. HEY PRINCE-----come on boy, yeah boy over here---GOOD BOY!!!!-----(PSST! tell us dummies how to download music, and then upload it to that audio clip area-----I know all kids know how---but I aint a kid---71yo geek wannabee here? :) (maybe lesson number 4?)

  6. Gary, beware of copyright issues regarding whatever music you choose.

  7. Rose is right. That's why I grabbed a simple MIDI file (link on the post). MIDI's are generally safe to grab and use, whereas commercial music is just a bitch of legalities and emotional/financial breakdowns for artists.

    I think I can cover that, but I don't think it will be part of the 'lessons', those are reserved for help specifically.

  8. ---hey!! thats okay, been there have heard that before---close but no cigar--I understand, have had few, but trying my best to stay socialble---thanks for the response big guy.


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