Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"And THEN I Said---"

The beauty of being a senior of my age is I can say almost anything and nobody but nobody ever listens to me---if they even bother to listen to me, they just file it under "old dude is crazy in the head (---least he doesn't drool---much)----and move on.
Anyway have made some changes in my page, got kinda confused for a time, deleted stuff I didn't want to and then had to put it back----which was kinda interesting as I had to first remember how I put it there in the first place----but well did it, but probably didn't set any land speed records getting it done (not in Wayne's class of skill of web site creating etc, etc, etc---not to mention my toes are just plain unspoiled canvases still).
As you now may have noticed I have boldly and shamelessly promoted and begged for others to subscribe to my blog ---and yeah I know that does make me out to be kinda Pathetic---but I'm 71 for crying out loud---hell been living five miles outside of Hollywood for the last 23 years and I STILL haven't been discovered.---I'm starting to think maybe I am running outta time and need to be a bit more egotistical and draw attention to myself (ready for my closeups now Mr. DeMille). At MY age, Pride is an expensive Luxury----besides pretty sure waay to many people are laughing at me for not getting rid of my possession's and lining up at the public welfare trough---free food, free medical, free housing----gonna go take my meds now and lay down------fraid Your stuck with this prideful old dude, to stubborn to let anyone pay his way-----now whats this crap about no movie tonight??------


  1. re: sexy strike out.

    I use magic. At least, it seems that way.

    I use microsoft word to create a blog post, that's where the function is. In my version (2007) the program allows you to connect your blogger profile to the "create blog" program so it will auto-publish at the push of a button.

    I KNOW there are people out there who can tell you how to do it all fancy-like with HTML, probably Wayne John or similarly talented computer whiz kid. But, as you can tell from the last two days of my posts, I'm rather still in the dark ages when it comes to this stuff.

  2. I'm not a talented computer whiz, but I can tell you how to do it in HTML. Use an open bracket < followed by "strike" without the quotation marks followed by a close bracket > followed by the STRUCK PHRASE followed by open bracket < followed by "/strike" without the quotation marks followed by a close bracket >

    For some reason, Blogger won't let you put a Struck comment in the comments, though.

  3. well reading the above comments all I can say is ---"aww Fxxx!! both are beyond the old dudes abilities or patience to deal with---at least at this time---when the itch gets great enuf-----will play with it some more---but hey thanks for volunteering the information.

  4. Okay that's it! I'll have Mr DeMille set up for your close up as soon as we've finished digging him up and he's loaded his flash powder.

  5. This was, and probably still be a blog post in the near future, but I use Windows Live writer for all my blogging. For a few reasons. One, I don't want to have to go to the site to write a post, and two, I wanted something that allowed me to create posts easily, as well as drafts and to simply drop ideas in a hat for future topics.

    You can google 'windows live writer' to find it, you need a Live account, but then that's yet another account you need ot make with yet another service that does yet another thing for you. Sigh...too many accounts methinks.

    I'd look into it, not sure it works on a mac though. If there is interest, I'll put together a post that goes through the entire thing in easy speak and not techno jargon.

  6. < strike >STRUCK PHRASE< /strike >

    Eliminate the spaces and there you go.


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