Friday, July 18, 2008

Off My Routine---out of control

Damn Family, they insist on having parties and get together for the damn-dest reasons---its like some magnetic force---we haven't met as family for x long and the world will end if we don't meet. I got this love/hate relationship with my people, is this natural? Actually I KNOW it is natural---being family, close family anyway I kinda know where the skeletons are buried, least wise the ones I help bury----but that's not the point. Family are those ya trust with your BACK,---we can bad mouth each other all day long, but gawd forbid an outsider to baad mouth any member of the family Unit---those people have a way of ceasing to exist (speaking metaphorically here officer---).
The problem with family is----They are close----CONNECTED BY BLOOD. As such one can't blow em off as easy as brushing off a fly, one has to "acknowledge" them, ---and go through the fundamentals of recognition---the politeness etc. Its a real pain in the rear at times. Still---there are those times---one has to circle the wagons and ooh yeah , gawd bless family!!!
My point however with this post is---sometimes Family can be to cloying, to clinging, smothering---an individual (albeit a full blooded member of the clan)---just wants to be left alone. No, not cutoff from family, ---just not bugged with or by family---just saying---if I don't answer your email, or your IM---doesn't mean I hate your guts and its WAR!! A lot of family splits and resulting feuds start on just these kind of disconnects.
I guess I am rambling now, as I have forgotten what the point was I was trying to make----ahh, damn???---am I STILL in the family or did I screw THAT up too?---I need another beer.


  1. You can never get rid of us Uncle Gary. You are the best Uncle ever and you can't stop now.


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