Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Fall for YOUR Entertainment---uh-huh rightttt

I figure its about time now we will all be subjugated to teasers about what the Fall line up of TV offerings will be---in the absence of any real breakout hits of new programs, I suspect we will see a lot of variations on a theme of existing on going offering, that is to say not unlike the desperate housewives, house, CSI (Vegas, NYC and Miami ---what , no CSI in Cleveland yet?). Frankly I am SOOO burned out on Hospital shows, and Morgues---where are the Westerns, or comedy shows (flashing on The Blue Moon Detective Agency here---you kids won't know that one---it made a star out of Bruce Willis).
Course when I say TV offerings I am talking about the public broadcast system, not the shows created for cable and direct TV, that the rich and affluent watch. I'm talking about what the majority of watchers are stuck with----yeahh , the cheap stuff, reality shows (no writers required), or Hollywood movies that have been sliced and diced to fit time formats so that what is presented is about 75 percent of the original move at best, and even that broken up into 5-8 minute sections interspersed with commercials-----(the commercials giving you so much information about the latest drugs you should demand from your doctors---competing with the female hygiene products, and telling you your a piece of S**T, if your not driving a $50,000 vehicle---)
So people, what kind of Shows you hoping they will offer us folk this year (remember current TV seasons are subject to interruptions---not like the golden days of TV when seasons were 39 weeks for fall shows, and 13 weeks for summer shows????


  1. I'm terribly addicted to Lost. Jacq loves every single law & order and cop show out there where I'm tired of that smae old song and dance for a show. They always seem so phoney and the same thing, but with a slightly different topic. Yawn.

    Lost has got me's the one show I'll drop everything for.

  2. I'm a Lost fan too. Crazy about it. If you haven't seen it, rent the DVDs of past seasons...don't try to catch up now.

    I love The Office and American Idol.

    As for the Blue Moon Detective Agency, a note about your readership and the fact you think us young-uns don't know what you are talking about...only readers who are younger than 33 might not know that show, but for those of us nearer to was a classic!

    Have a good Fourth of July!

    Jane (next door)

  3. Thanks for reading my blog good Neighbor---and appreciate the comments too---really!!


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