Sunday, July 20, 2008

Its S-o-o-o Quiet Today?

I confess , that I knows it Sunday and 98 percent of bloggers are busy with their real worlds---but still it seems to be even more quiet than normal in here the bloggersphere---maybe its just me, and I'm just suffering from Party Let-downism---. I dutifully wrote my blog earlier describing the party, putting in the pics I took----but that was hours ago----so far only two comments have been garnered----(damn I worked hard on those posts too---sigh)-----On the other hand this is good------getting ignored like this is good character building stuff---boy are my cheeks red from turning one cheek to another, getting slapped silly by life ----oooh mmmph, THAT WAS A GOOD ONE----mmmmmm hey don't stop!!! kinda getting to like it---like hello "attention" is attention, one can't be to picky right?)
I'm not the only one with problems---Dana dropped a comment on one of my recent posts, seems she has LOST one of hers---did ya submit it to FiveStarFriday, and fail to keep a copy maybe?---I looked all over for it, pretty sure you didn't leave it at MY place..??
I was complaining about my ignorance on how to download music from the Web to my young (21yo Grand-nephew) at the party yesterday---and you should have seen his jaw drop hearing how ignorant his Uncle was---the kid was truly embarrassed for me----he mumbled something about I SHOULD be able to download it as a file to my computer and then move it from there to my blog page----but I could see he was in a state of shock---unable to comprehend anyone not being able to do something he has done since he was in short pants---(and he's still in short pants---I think its mandatory for under 50 males in southern California to wear short pants). I definitely am gonna have to whip out the old computer manuals and dialog with my knowledgeable friends and fill this gap in my computer knowledge-----(sigh) I WILL learn this-----how to " rip", how to "burn"------stay tuned sports fan----will the "old dude" learn how to download and upload music??, what music will he have??-------stay tuned to, "As the Stomach Churns" for the answers to these and many other questions.


  1. I hear does seem unusually quiet today. I read somewhere about the "summer slump" in the bloggersphere...people go on vacation, are spending time outside (gasp!), and with their families. But this is my first summer "blogging" so who knows.

    As for figuring out how to "rip" or "burn" music...yes, this is something you must learn to do. Join iTunes and create your own personal soundtrack...I can't wait to hear what it sounds like:)


  2. aw jeez, tried to get back to "thatcoolbraod" but the system just reports that page doesn't exist------as Maxwell Smart might say---"missed it by ---"That" much----and now flashing on the movie line-----"---Comeback Shane!!--"

  3. Good luck Gary, I know you'll figure it always do!
    To answer your question, yes, I did get past that level.(see my blog)

  4. Embrace your ignorance. Play it for as much as you can get. Just knowing you have forgotten more than he knows at this stage in his life should be reward enough.

  5. Look at the bright side. You're ahead of John McCain. Maybe you could pair up with this gal and help him out. She's 106 years young.

  6. Let us know when you figure it out.


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