Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wuz UP Dudes & Dudettes?

Don't ya just hate it when you hear the kids talk on line both in their emails, as much as they
re online chat dialog. You hear em talking like that, while on the news you listen how the teachers unions are spending millions and millions of the teacher union dues on TV Political ads, for or against various politicians---and teachers are out on the picket lines demanding ever higher pay ---here in Los Angeles we got one School district that I swear must be bigger than Long Island----its famous for spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build one high school, only to determine its built on a contaminated waste dump----. A couple weeks back the school district allowed the teachers to take an hour off and go picket around the school to protest the State governor's plan to cut school budgets to help balance the state budget (The teachers felt the budget should be increased not cut, and taxes raised to pay for it)---what kills me they were paid, while picketing, not by the Union, but by us tax payers, and the kids missed an hour of class time--- and they wonder why the kids out here in California talk like they do---wuz up with this educational policy?


  1. The California school system is one of the worst in the country. When my oldest was in first grade and learning to read she was having a difficult time. I tired to help her the way I learned, which was to "sound it out"... She looked at me as if I was nuts, what do you mean sound it out MOm?
    Come to find out...she was NOT taught phonics! I was appalled that my child was not given the basic tool to learn to read and spell like I was at her age! About the same time there was a comercial on the TV by Michael was "Hooked on Phonics". I was one pissed off Mama. Instead of my tax dollars (there was no lottery at that time..and that's a whole other can of worms) being used to teach my child phonics I was suppose to PAY to have a Phonics Kit sent my way!!! She ended up repeating the first grade because she could not read well enough to pass. To this day she hates to read...anything!

  2. PS...forgot to mentioned we lived in Sacramento, CA at the above mentioned so mad all over

  3. I've caught myself up in dat type of speech every now and then. Not only do I blame the government treating the school system (excuse the pun if this matches you) like a red-headed step-child. Not only that, but the parents are also to blame to some degree. there are too many parents that do not, or can not thanks to overly conservative laws, beat enough sense into thier kids. The kids run the parents in many homes that I see, and that's pathetic.

    Too many people on the planet now to properly give a decent education perhaps?

  4. Wayne, you blame "overly conservative laws"---the problem is "overly Liberal interpretations", --parents controlling their kids?? no, no, thats waaay to radical, as Hillary (and the liberal crowd will tell you)--it takes a "Village" to raise a chile---parents are nothing in Liberal thinking.


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