Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not Everybody Has GPS

I'm laughing as my Niece Tish, commented on my JPL post, to the effect, she wondered why I left in the direction I had gone. SHE and her boy friend Carl had GPS in the Lincoln they were riding in.--my little Chevy compact rental did not. I am as the road goes about 22-23 miles from home, its broad daylight, its like 4:30PM in the afternoon---I am fairly good at figuring out which is west, north, south and oh yeah easterly directions.. To go home was a simple matter of reversing the directions that had got me where I was right? SO I waved goodbye to Tish and Carl and took off on my return to home base---in hindsight, this was not a bad plan , the problem was in executing it---in short the enemy was "us".
In Hindsight, while eating dinner with Tish and Carl, KNOWING they had GPS, KNOWING that they like me had to go south from where we are, which would bring me to to the correct turn off at the freeway interchange---I did the infamous macho thing (real men don't ask directions---) and boldly return to the route that I was familiar with ---except couldn't find the way to get back on the freeway going in the return direction---thank goodness it was daylight,could tell from the position of the Sun, not to mention I sure as hell don't recognize the exits from the freeway, which told me I was going in the wrong direction, I had gotten on the wrong freeway---well I finally figured it all out , I did get back to Van Nuys, and check my rental in before 6PM,and made it home. My Niece Tish I am sure is convince I now suffer from Dementia, senility and can't be left alone---relax Tish, now you understand how I feel every time you get lost coming to my place, how many times has that occurred now--four, five??? The main thing is we do manage to get together------and we both laugh at the tourists who don't know the territory----YEAHH,RIGHTTTTTT!!


  1. Having had my own highway nightmares unfold out there in California in the past, it is nice to know even the locals sometimes have a problem.

    One time in the Bay Area, I was crossing the bridge that runs from Oakland to San Francisco. Supposedly 6 of us in 6 tractor trailers were headed to the Cow Palace with a show. I was lead driver. As I hit the toll booths going to San Francisco, I look across and there going the other way through the tolls was "Spanky" one of our drivers taking his load out of San Francisco. Damn Texas Drivers. It took him over an hour to get turned around and then find the Cow Palace. By that time on the tour I had learned though. I had switched him to the truck that had to load out last.

  2. You kinda need to know the territory, to keep from getting completely lost. The half dozen trips I made to visit various electronics companies in the Boston Area----was always a nightmare for me. Roads would change names from one town to the next as you leave one and enter the other----and the layout of the streets was often not the standard grid pattern one might expect. but hey thats the charm of various cities is it not?

  3. The good thing about LA is if you can find a freeway you can usually get headed in the right direction. I once got totally lost in Atlanta by taking just one wrong right hand turn.

  4. I hate LA driving as much as I hate San Diego driving. although I am getting better in San Diego. I always Map quest going and return directions. And I also have a GPS. I don't trust anyone.


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