Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday 07/23/08

All posts should have a title---titles are important. At least I have been told that----and I suspect its true. In today's busy world, most people can't or won't spend more than 30 seconds on any given thought---so titles have to me mind grabbing. So the Title "Wednesday 07/23/08" must have grabbed your mind, or you wouldn't be here reading this. So guess I made my point. Like how many of you aren't here and reading this----lets see a show of hands---wow!!!?? (back to the drawing board----sigh---)
I gotta ask, what kind of Title would YOU have used?


  1. ME! ME! I'm here!

    Gary, thanks for the visit and the heads up about the meme. I would have seen it later today, but now I have done it and will post in a few days.

    I'd have called it "Nothing to see here, folks, Move right along!!" That would have caught them for sure!

  2. Rubber bands and acid. That's what I would have called it.

  3. Damn, damn damn!!! THATS exactly what I was gonna title it Kenju---but I thought it might be promising more than was delivered? (yeahhh, righttt!!)---thanks for the comment :)

  4. I took the titles off my blogs accidently. I guess I will have to fix that. I wll get right on it.

  5. Well since you're always calling yourself "old dude" how about "Your Daily douse of an old dude?" or better yet..."Old dudes Rule, kids drool!" that ought to get the younger set peeved at ya! lol

  6. Just for YOU Sue---one "Old Dudes Rule, young Dudes Drool" post coming right up-----you OWE ME now!!!


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