Friday, July 11, 2008

You Never Know

I got all caught up on my friends blogging entries for the day and went out and got my monthly haircut---gotta look good for the family gathering on the 19th in Irvine, California (maybe Tish will take some pics and put it on HER blog?? (Hint, Hint)
Anyway got to chewing the fat with the barber as he did his imitation of Edward Scissorhands (one does not move when in HIS barber chair, less one has no real love over one's ears, eyes and eyebrows). I was elaborating, okay boasting about my Blog---(I know---, its a guy thing we can't help it)---anyway to make a long story short---gonna have to go back with my camera, take some pics and post a blog entry about his shop, and then ---IF somebody reads the blog and goes to his shop for a haircut, mentions my blog, that guy gets a buck off his haircut, and I get---(wait for it----)---then I'll get a FREE haircut.----HEY, YOU NEVER KNOW?? (actually I will get a free haircut for EACH individual that mentions he read my blog and decided to get his hair cut there.)
So how many people are visiting my blog everyday, week, month---number of page views etc---click on my sitemeter icon on my blog page side bar------its not much compared to big time bloggers but hey, its only been since April, -------I'm blogging here------


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