Saturday, July 5, 2008


You know the old dude, thats trying to learn how to be a good blogger----I've been trying to read up on blogging and well got myself all kinda confused again-----I know I know, I shouldn't read on my own, and do as I'm told and----stay in my room.
Sorry I AM an older Dude, but thats about as far as I go in falling into THAT pigeon hole. I do read, and I do try to teach myself, but you kids with your flare for making the simple sound complex are very good at what ya do, got to admit that----that gives ya 2 points (get 10 your out of the game).
Now okay here's the drill. So far, pretty much on my own I have read, tested the waters and learned that there are two versions of Blogger templates, the old ones, and the newer ones. I started my blog back in late April of 2008 (this year)---and I have the NEW blogger template.. Now further reading and clicking on interesting links, more piece-meal data fed into the old dudes head----I am now sitting here , with a fresh beer, with the definite feeling I have read myself into a complete circle, and am pretty frustrated......
I would very much appreciate somebody explaining to me in English (that is to say non-geek speak)---the relationship between say Blogger, Wordpress, Technarati, and Flame Burner----blowing past all of that---what I am trying to do is---how do I reach out with my blog and increase my readership--LOL---polliwog wants to RIBBIT LOUDER!! How best to do that----?? ---ribbit, ribbit, ribbit!!!!!!-----I say --- RIBBIT!!


  1. I will try to write some posts for you on those topics. That has always been my main goal, to bridge the gap between the have and have-nots in terms of technical jibber-jabber.

    Let's see what I can do this coming week for ya Gary. You're not the only one out there with these questions.

  2. I think you are doing really well. The best way to increase your readership is to comment on other blogs.

    Have you browsed the blogs at

    Wordpress is a blogging platform. There is which is like Blogger or where you host the blogging software on your own server like I do.

    Technorati is a blog search engine.

  3. And from the back of the room - "Yeah Wayne, you got that right."

  4. I have no idea the answer to your question ... but I did want to stop by and say "Happy Sunday".

  5. Well gee thanks guys for the comments, and will look forward to your forth coming blog posts Wayne.

  6. Hello,
    As a blogger you manage very well and I like your texts and this small touch of humor and auto-mockery. You won a new (French) reader. I know your blog through William Wren (the fall and demise of the artist as a young man)He left a comment on mine and I saw your comment on his own blog and that's why I came to you.
    Sorry I think it is not written in good english ! In a previous post (another tuesday)you talked about LP (what is it ?)
    Au revoir
    Hélène Glehen

  7. I have a post releasing tonight at midnight that will cover the ads on my site, why they are there, and some of the concepts around that.

    I'll try to get off my soapbox and actually provide some value to those that could the easy speak and no-nonsense approach. Hope you find it worth the time to read it.

    Technorati is much more that just a blog search engine, but it is that too.


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