Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dr. O, now that Hillary has been disposed---moves to the right

As those of you who actually pay attention to politicians (hey beats collecting stamps), its interesting to see Mr. Obama, who out liberal -ed Hillary to win the Donk's nomination, has NOW reversed himself on his position vis- a- vis Iraq. In campaigning against Hillary, (and needing to be more liberal looking than her) he campaigned on bringing the war swiftly to an end in Iraq, and having the troops all home no later than 16 months after getting elected Prez----(after all HE would be Commander-in-chief, and he could just tell the generals fighting the war to "make it so" right?"---besides he needed the votes to win the nomination.
OKay NOW he has the Nomination, more or less, and his fight is NOW with that pesky Republican candidate, but he mustn't look "soft" on terrorism, and so now he publicly has stated that when he elected Prez , he will establish his Iraq policy after listening to what the generals have to say---that's a neat 180 degree shift in his position---and puts him agreeing with McCain on that issue------Should make for an interesting Democratic Political Convention----all those super delegates saying----"hey wait a minute I thought you were for--??---"
Yep this summer we not only get the extravaganza of the summer Olympics, its followed by the Democrats continuing efforts to figure how just what do they have to appear to be to get elected-----stay tuned sport fans----I think its Hillary's turn to make a public stance one way or another---as soon as Bill tells her what he thinks it should be----don't ya just love the circus of big politics---well something less than 45 percent vote, so one can't take it to seriously.


  1. Damn I wish Perot would have won...

  2. Mike and I were discussing this last night. They can say ANYTHING they want to while running for the Presidency ... yet once they are in office it's a completely different story. My opinion.


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